Multi-project internship in Ecuador
Multi-project internship in Ecuador
Multi-project internship in Ecuador

Useful information

The animal and multi-project internship in Ecuador consists of four different projects to be completed over the course of 16 weeks. The missions are thus diverse, and concern the environment as well as community development and the conservation of local species. It is an opportunity to discover the world of NGOs from the inside through an international experience. Get involved in sustainable projects and make a positive impact while learning and gaining university credits.

Business school
Preparation for business schools
Bachelor's degree in political science
Bachelor's/Master's degree in sustainable development




Intermediate Spanish


Description of the program

Projects last 16 weeks (between 8 and 24 weeks possible). They include various missions to allow you to immerse yourself during an animal, environmental and humanitarian internship. The duration of each of these projects, as well as the order of the missions are perfectly flexible, according to your objectives. Discover Ecuadorian culture, and have a particularly rich experience by discovering different local traditions, by integrating into different multicultural teams and by exchanging ideas with the locals. This experience is a demonstration of your mobility and adaptability for your future employer!

animal training

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Like all of our animal internship programs abroad, this animal and multi-project internship in Ecuador allows you to gain university credits while contributing to the conservation of the region's wildlife.

Mission 1 : Permaculture project in Galapagos

4 weeks

Located in Santa Cruz on the Galapagos Islands, our project corresponds to the maintenance of an organic farm spread over 24 hectares. This is home to fruit trees, various plants and an animal farm and thus is important in the community work of the region. The owner has been a farmer for 40 years and will share his experience and know-how with you.

Your tasks are to:
- Monitor invasive plants,
- Prepare the soil,
- Grow organic coffee,
- Take care of the different animals in the farm: feeding, milking cows, cleaning the stables..,
- Open the harvesting path and deploy signage to eventually set up educational tours.
You will typically work Monday to Friday between 8am and 1pm. Take advantage of your free time to explore the islands!
However, be prepared for tough physical work and heat.

Mission 2: Community Project

4 weeks

The goal of this project is to contribute to community development by providing future opportunities for local people, through learning English, arts, environmental awareness...

Here is an example of the tasks to be carried out on the project:
- Create and maintain an organic garden,
- Provide tutoring to local children through lessons and educational activities,
- Continuously interact with local communities,
- Pick up litter on beaches and shorelines,
- Create different activities and workshops on different themes (recycling, animal protection).

Mission 3: Turtle Conservation Project

6 weeks

On the Pacific coast of Ecuador, in the city of Las Tunas, our partner organisation participates in the conservation of turtles in the region. They lay their eggs on the beach or in the forest, and the center acts to protect and study their eggs. Professional veterinarians and interns work together to ensure the rehabilitation of these endangered marine animals during this animal training course.

On this turtle conservation project, you will be able to:
- Monitor and control turtle nests,
- Contribute to the conservation of the environment by participating in local efforts (beach and river clean-up, reforestation...),
- Develop recycling systems through permaculture activities,
- Raise community awareness of the environmental challenge.

Mission 4: Whale Conservation Project

2 weeks

The Foundation that welcomes you for this tracking project has existed since 1997, and has listed around 2200 different species of whales, thanks to photographs of fins in particular. The results of the analyses that it has carried out have contributed to scientific studies concerning the migratory routes and feeding grounds of the whales. Seabirds and dolphins of the region are also monitored here.

You will participate in:
- The study of the different species of whales,
- Whale photography during excursions,
- Hiking and snorkeling sessions,
- Analysis of the data collected.

If you wish, you can start your animal and multi-project internship two weeks earlier with Spanish classes to refresh and improve your language skills. You will have a real immersive experience to progress in Spanish, before leaving for the different projects!

Host organization

Since 2002, the founders have dedicated themselves to setting up immersion projects in Ecuador: educational projects in Quito, in the Andes and environmental projects...
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Their motivation and dedication have allowed them to surround themselves with 30 people to manage volunteers from all over the world and ensure that their experience in Ecuador is unforgettable. They also offer Spanish courses and excursions throughout the country.

All their projects are officially recognised and supported by the United Nations Committee on Responsible Tourism.

Strong points

Contribute to community development
Support various projects
Improve Spanish
Join an international team

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