Biology and marine protection internship in Tenerife
Biology and marine protection internship in Tenerife

Useful information

The marine biology course in the Canary Islands allows you to gain university credits while deepening your knowledge of the marine ecosystem in the Canary Islands. Indeed, the centre located in Tenerife offers you an internship as part of your Master’s degree in marine biology. Participate in the protection of whales and dolphins alongside experts and specialists, and gain real field experience by putting your skills and theoretical knowledge to good use!

Master in marine sciences
Master in marine biology
Engineering school
Veterinary school
Bachelor's/Master's degree in solidarity and sustainable development
DUT Génie biologique




Intermediate English


Description of the program

Whales and dolphins off the coast of the Canary Islands face several challenges: intensive fishing, the omnipresence of commercial fishing boats and water pollution. All these elements cause the degradation of their natural habitat, which our organisation is trying to remedy through this marine biology course. Their health is also deteriorating in addition to their living environment.

marine biology internship

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The objective of the marine biology course in the Canary Islands is the protection of these cetaceans, by integrating the trainees into the local teams to actively participate in this mission. Their role will include the collection of data, which will be used to obtain a better management of the area in the long term and will promote the protection of marine life. Like all of our environmental internship programsabroad, the marine conservation project in the Canary Islands allows you to have a real impact on the region in a sustainable way, while gaining university credits.



Highlights of the marine biology course:

  • Contribute to the conservation of whales and dolphins in the region
  • Monitor vessel traffic and search for dolphins with coastal expeditions
  • Update the identification catalogue of cetaceans and marine fauna
  • Promote the protection of the island's environment in the local community
  • Gain field experience in marine protection
  • Discover the Canary Islands and the island of Tenerife
  • Work with experienced researchers in a team


Missions and tasks of the interns during the marine biology course in Tenerife :

At the end of the basic training on the first days, three main missions will be proposed to the trainees:


  • The study of the different cetaceans by going along the coasts on observation boats to collect photographs and data concerning these species.
  • Promotion of the protection of cetaceans around the island in the local community. This awareness is also raised beyond the Spanish borders, as local researchers can in turn promote this cause. The centre also has an impact on tourism by proposing eco-responsible activities within the framework of ethical tourism.
  • Coastal surveys are conducted to monitor maritime traffic, boats and other vessels in the area. They will analyse the behaviors of the cetaceans and their interactions with the different boats side by side. This allows us to evaluate the impact of tourism and fishing on marine fauna.


The frequency of these activities will depend on the season in which you decide to do your marine biology internship in the Canary Islands.

Host organization

Our partner organisation collaborates with local ethical organisations, sharing the same values in order to respect the environment as much as possible.
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It was founded in 1997 and since then has sent more than 200,000 volunteers on humanitarian and sustainable projects around the world. It also sits on the United Nations International Commission on Sustainable Tourism, and all their actions are carried out in collaboration with the local population and national governments.


Strong points

Contribute to marine conservation
Work with specialists
Join an international team
Acquire field experience