Nursing and medical internship in India
Nursing and medical internship in India
Nursing and medical internship in India

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The nursing internship in India allows students in the health field to validate their professional internship by completing an international field experience. This project offers you the opportunity to specialise throughout the internship, to best match your experience to your course. A supervisor will oversee the smooth running of the placement in the NGO, and will monitor your progress. This experience is made more rewarding by the discovery of a new culture while you learn about a different health care system. Our local NGO also relies on your knowledge to make sure that the medical structures work as well as possible.

School of Nursing (IFSI)
Nursing Education
Studies in the field of health
Post-bac STI2S




English Intermediate


Description of the program

Several groups of student nurses went on humanitarian missions to India for their mandatory internship abroad.

The nursing internship in Kerala, India offers field experience for students who wish to pursue a career in the medical sector and for health professionals.
Interns accompany local staff who work for impoverished communities. At local hospitals or medical centers in Fort Kochi, interns assist on-site healthcare staff or participate in outreach programs.

nursing internship in India

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Like all of our nursing and medical internship programs abroad, this project in India allows students to gain university credits while acquiring field experience and contributing to the UN's goal of universal access to health care.

To find out about all the care situations and detailed information about the facilities, contact us to receive the Red Cross Welcome to India booklet.

Possible specialisations for students and health professionals

- Internship in General Medicine.

- Dentistry internship.

- Nursing internship.

- Training in mental illness, psychology.

- Physiotherapy course.

Because it immerses you in the heart of the hospital environment, the nursing internship in India is perfect for students and health care professionals. This is a field experience, supervised by our team who will organise your daily schedule and answer your questions.

Since hospitals and clinics in India are often under-equipped, you may see patients with very advanced diseases. By working within these communities, you will be able to participate in preventative information sessions to discourage risky practices.

Structure of health care centres in India

Our partner hospitals in Kerala receive and treat patients from all over the region, for various pathologies. You will have the choice of several specialties to accompany the nursing staff in different departments. You will learn about the health care system, procedures and common diseases in India. If you are already a licensed health care professional, you may be able to work more independently.

A typical week for an intern in India

Arrival on Saturday. Welcome at the airport and transfer to the accommodation where you will meet the person in charge of your program. Orientation session, general information about the culture and the region, free evening.

Monday to Friday: Breakfast - internship at the hospital with local health care staff and a supervisor. Detailed schedules for your project will be given to you upon arrival (usually 9:30am - 3:30pm). The average travel time from the volunteer house to the hospital is about 1 hour.

Evenings: Evenings are free to enjoy cultural activities like visiting Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples or local markets. You can take courses in Hindi language, cooking, meditation, painting, yoga, massage, ayurveda or pottery, visit tea plantations and factories, go to handmade wool knitting workshops, hydroelectric projects, or organic farms. Additional fees are required for these various activities.

Weekends: you can spend your weekends travelling around the region during this nursing internship in India.

Host organization

Freepackers' partner organisation focuses on responsible engagement in India and Sri Lanka.
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Since 2013, our volunteers have been involved in education, medical and development projects to bring lasting change to the lives of local communities. Our local NGO prioritises the safety and well-being of its volunteers to ensure that they have the best possible time with the local communities and a memorable experience. The costs charged by the association allow for the financing of operating services, on-site staff, volunteer expenses (meals, lodging, transportation, activities) and a portion of the funds paid to the projects themselves.


Strong points

Access to several services
Share and exchange ideas with the community
Discover India
Discover the health care system
Learn about common diseases and care

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