Physiotherapy and kinesiology internship in Argentina
Physiotherapy and kinesiology internship in Argentina
Physiotherapy and kinesiology internship in Argentina

Useful information

Go to the city of Cordoba in Argentina to support the hospital facilities through this internship in physiotherapy. It is the ideal opportunity to discover a new culture while acquiring professional experience abroad, directly in the field. Put your knowledge to work and learn new care techniques in a completely different health care system. In this way, you contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal of access to healthcare for all, set by the United Nations in 2015. You will be supervised by a multidisciplinary team, which will enrich your experience.

Physiotherapy school
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Intermediate Spanish


Description of the program

The physiotherapy internship takes place in a neurological rehabilitation clinic that works with an interdisciplinary team of professionals such as physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists, physicians, nutritionists, etc. They use high-tech techniques to ensure that all patients receive the best treatment. They have a neurological and therapeutic gym, and use laser therapy, iontoforesis, electro stimulation, among others.

kinesiology internship

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The center has 30 beds to offer complete care to its patients and receives approximately 80 outpatients who come each day for different treatments.

Like all of our nursing and medical internship programs abroad, this project in Argentina allows students to gain university credits while acquiring field experience and contributing to the UN's goal of universal access to healthcare.

How can I help as an intern?

The participants of the physiotherapy internship will assist the professionals who work in the centre on treatments and daily tasks. This role involves implementing and monitoring our patients' treatment programs, evaluating their progress and providing guidance to all involved. You will assist in performing physiotherapeutic procedures with the paramedical team, including organising clinics and ordering supplies and therapeutic equipment, and you will be expected to improve your own clinical and organisational skills to meet patient needs.

The participants of the physiotherapy course work an average of 7 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Don't forget to bring your work clothes! This is a two-piece medical suit. You can buy one directly on site, before starting your internship.



Those who wish to do so can choose to take a one-week Spanish course in Cordoba before the start of the project.

The aim of this week is to enable volunteers to improve their language skills and discover the culture of the country.

Prices :

  • 20 hours of group classes: €420 per week (Accommodation + activities included)
  • 10 hours of individual classes : €420 per week (Accommodation + activities included)
  • Online classes : €210 per week

Host organization

The local NGO in Cordoba has strong values: positive and sustainable social impact that defies boundaries and unleashes the potential of cultural diversity through volunteer programs.
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The proposed intercultural experiences encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and into a learning zone, expand your worldview, learn a new language, experience new emotions, enrich your perspective, change your habits, get to know other cultures, and go beyond your own limits.

Strong points

Practical experience in care
Sharing with the local community
Improvement of Spanish
Supervision by professionals

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