Divemaster training in Australia
Divemaster training in Australia

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Go to Australia to do the divemaster training, and obtain different diving diplomas and qualifications. Join a multicultural team, and train with experienced teachers. This experience will also allow you to have a positive impact on ecosystems, thanks to training that respects the environment and contributes to sustainable development through various actions.

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Description of the program

The divemaster training is the complete training to become a dive guide. It lasts about 7 weeks from the first dive and requires about 60 dives as well as course validation to obtain the state diploma.

It is quite possible to speed up certain stages of this training, depending on your initial diving level. For example, if you have limited time and you are a beginner, you can start with steps 1 and 2 and follow the other steps in another city or another country. You can also just follow one of the modules if you already have Open Water or Open Water Advanced. Please ask us for a quote for any specific request.

divemaster training

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Like all of our environmental training programs abroad, this divemaster program in Australia offers a comprehensive learning experience while helping to preserve the region's ecosystems.

Become a certified dive guide in 7 weeks!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, if you want to validate your skills or start a new professional life around your passion, you can obtain your PADI certificate. To become a certified dive guide, our academy offers a 7-week divemaster course. The courses start every month, on variable dates depending on the availability of the diving school.

People who have already obtained PADI or SSI certifications can join the current training. The price will be adapted to the level of the diver.

Divemaster training locations

Training takes place at our PADI certified dive center in Cairns. You will not only learn to dive but you will also be able to enjoy the best surfing beaches in Australia, the tropical forests and meet people who, like you, love travel and adventure.

Overview of the program in 5 steps

1- Open Water Diver

In just five days and 6 dives you will be able to safely explore the underwater world to see fish, coral reefs, wrecks, caves… up to 18 meters deep.

2- Advanced Diver

During the 30 hours of lessons over 5 days, we use the most recent manuals and DVDs to describe dives in somewhat unusual conditions. About ten dives, up to 30 meters deep, are organized according to your interests: photography, diving from a boat, at night, in the current, underwater tracking, low visibility, search and rescue , shore, deep, float diving, dive computers, marine species identification.

3- Rescue Diver PADI

In 5 days, you learn how to avoid accidents due to stress and how to react in case of emergency, for you and those who will dive with you. After the theory, you will apply your skills as a rescuer in real situations, over 6 dives.

4- First aid and oxygen therapy

This first aid course, in 5 days and 4 dives, is internationally recognized. It will let you know when and how to use oxygen therapy. This can come in handy in any emergency situation at your home or workplace. This qualification is necessary to obtain the rescue diver certificate.

5- Divemaster training

Finally, our theory and practical lessons aimed at honing your presentation and teaching skills will prepare you to take the divemaster training exam at the end of the course. It only remains for us to congratulate you and encourage you at the dawn of your new professional career!

Host organization

Based in Cairns, our diving school offers high quality professional programs. PADI courses range from Open Water to Divemaster.
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The PADI certification is internationally recognized and the Divemaster training allows you to work as a dive guide and to access the instructor training (Padi instructor) throughout the world.


Strong points

Become a certified dive guide
Join an international team
Discover Australia while getting certified
Support from a profesionnal instructor

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