Surf instructor training in Australia
Surf instructor training in Australia
Surf instructor training in Australia

Useful information

The surf instructor training lasts 3 months and focuses on acquiring surfing techniques and knowledge of the ocean. At the end of the 3 month training, you will have acquired the qualifications to become a certified surf instructor. The training also includes the teaching techniques to make you a competent and operational instructor, since the training generally leads to a job.

Sports Coach
Surf Instructor Level 1
Sports teacher for children
Assistant instructor in a surf camp


Coffs Harbour


Intermediate English


Description of the program

Our surfing courses are certified by the ASI (Academy Surfing Instructors) and recognized worldwide. The diploma awarded at the end of the 3 month course will allow you to work as a surfing instructor in all surfing schools internationally.

Like all of our training courses for working in the environment abroad , this project in Australia allows you to benefit from complete learning while contributing to the preservation of the region's ecosystems.

nature surfing

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Skills acquired during the surf instructor training in 3 months :

- Surfing techniques from beginner to intermediate or intermediate to advanced level

- Safety rules in aquatic environment to master natural surfing

- Access to different types of waves

- Sports training in the aquatic environment

- Theoretical knowledge of the ocean

- Training to meet all the requirements of a level 1 instructor

- 40 hours practical experience as an instructor

The first two months of the training will be devoted to the acquisition of technical skills, theoretical knowledge of the ocean and water sports. You will be exposed to varied and stimulating conditions and you will learn to deal with them.

The technical aspects of the surf instructor training include:

- Rescue techniques

- Surfing first aid training

- Swimming lessons


⁃ Know how to surf on all types of waves

⁃ Expertise in water sports

⁃ Knowledge of the ocean

⁃ First aid certificate, resuscitation techniques

⁃ Professional experience with children

⁃ Level 1 surf instructor certification

Some details on the Surf Instructor training in Australia

When does the training start?

Surf training in nature and in the heart of a rich ecosystem, starts every Monday.

What are the requirements for taking the course?

No surfing experience is required, you just need to be a good swimmer, have a sufficient level of English to follow a conversation and understand the instructions, be 18 years old and have a working holiday visa.

Is it easy to find work in Australia with this degree?

Yes, surf instructors are in high demand in Australia, especially during the high season on the east coast (October - March).

The school that provides this training in Australia very often recruits the instructors it has trained in its nature surf camps.

What is the average salary per hour?

It depends on the surf schools. Some pay minimum wage (AU$16.87 per hour), others choose to pay less but provide accommodation and meals.

In which other countries can you teach surfing with this diploma?

The ASI Level 1 surf instructor diploma is recognized worldwide, and allows you to work wherever you want. A very large number of surf schools worldwise recognize the ASI certification

Is it compulsory to do the 3-month training for people who already have experience in surfing?

There are a number of hours of legal training to obtain the diploma, but the school can choose to shorten the training for students with a high level at the start. All registration fees must be paid before starting. If you don't need the full 3 months, the school will compensate you on the spot.

Are there any financial aids?

Yes ! This training can be partly financed by your Regional Council which offers scholarships for internships abroad. Works councils also provide funding for training.

Other surf courses available in Australia

- 1 month surf course (learn to surf)

- 2 month surf course (learning to surf and lessons on the environment)

Note : the 1 month and 2 month surf course do not include any certification and do not lead to any qualification to become a surf coach.

Go to Australia to train as a nature surf instructor in the heart of nature and the local community!

Host organization

Founded over 10 years ago by a team of passionate and experienced surfers, our surf school in Australia is recognized as one of the best in the country.
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Our partner school offers trainees and student surfers an extraordinary experiences: leisure courses, adventures, and professional certification.

Our training courses are certified and recognized by the international organization ASI. With the surf instructor diploma awarded at the end of the 3 month training, you will be entitled to exercise the profession of surf instructor in all surf schools internationally.

A little more: our partner school is involved in several local associations with charitable aims, they are fervent defenders of nature and respect for the environment, hence the unique name of the surf nature course.


Strong points

Learn surfing techniques
40 hours practical experience as an instructor
Practicing sports training in an aquatic environment
Acquire theoretical knowledge of the ocean

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