Study and work in immersion in Canada
Study and work in immersion in Canada
Study and work in immersion in Canada

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Experience an incredible adventure in Canada for your gap year, where education and work intertwine in a life-changing program. Embrace a cutting-edge combination of academic learning from an accredited international college and practical training through internships. This exclusive opportunity not only immerses you in a new culture but also propels you into the global job market. Discover what it’s like to study in Canada and embrace a new world as you grow professionally and personally. Unleash your potential in a country that attracts talented individuals from around the globe, boosting your competitive edge in securing internships and career prospects!

Improve your English
Knowledge and degree in the chosen field
Autonomy and responsibility
International work experience




Intermediate English


Description of the program

Embark on a transformative journey in Canada and unlock unparalleled opportunities to enhance your CV and uncover the wonders of this remarkable country. This exclusive one-year course is tailor-made for you!

Immerse yourself in six months of dynamic courses intertwined with lucrative employment, followed by a guaranteed paid job placement for an additional six months in the vibrant cities of Toronto or Vancouver. These cities, unlike Montreal or Quebec, provide an immersive English-speaking environment for your extraordinary gap year experience.

Just like our other innovative programs that combine gap year and work, this exceptional venture in Canada offers a perfect blend of theoretical training and hands-on experience within local organizations. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive professional journey like no other.

gap year in Canada

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Discover the Unforgettable Gap Year Experience in Canada

- Immerse yourself in the vibrant cities of Toronto and Vancouver, renowned as some of the world's most livable cities.

- Gain a valuable combination of diploma training and professional experience in the Canadian context.

- Enjoy the flexibility of an unlimited and easily obtainable Co-op study permit throughout the year, eliminating the need for a Working Holiday Permit.

- Immerse yourself in a multicultural and international English-speaking environment, enhancing your gap year in Canada.

- Choose from multiple departure dates every 4-6 weeks, allowing for convenient planning.

This extraordinary gap year program in Canada consists of two parts. During the initial 6 months of work-study, you'll focus on customer relations, engaging in practical case studies alongside industry professionals from various sectors. With 20 hours of training per week, you'll have time to work part-time as well.

Upon completing the training, the school will arrange interviews with local companies, including shops, hotels, restaurants, and services, to secure a full-time job placement for 6 months (approximately 35 hours per week).

The program offers diploma and qualifying training courses that are recognized for employment in Canada, making you eligible to apply for a study/work permit. Additionally, the school grants a recognized private higher education diploma in Canada.

Embarking on a study and work adventure in Canada brings numerous advantages. The program eliminates the need for a Working Holiday Permit, streamlining the process. This invaluable experience will also enhance your competitiveness in the European job market.

Canada has one of the world's best education system, as well as hundreds of in-demand job opportunities. This program is the best chance of getting connections as well as boosting your professional profile.

Engaging in a gap year in Canada with a blend of studies and employment provides a significant advantage for your future integration into the workforce. It's a highly sought-after aspect among students, and the dedicated on-site team will support you in finding the ideal job during the program.

Wide Range of Training Opportunities in Toronto and Vancouver

- Service Excellence for Business Training (26, 40, and 48 weeks): Delve into topics such as events, tourism, business, HR, and customer relations within the Canadian market. Acquire skills to create exceptional customer experiences across various industries.

- Communication & Service Essentials (30 and 60 weeks): Master communication tools in an international context through business English classes and professional conferences. Learn how to contribute to a robust communication team.

- Sales & Marketing Training (52, 54, and 92 weeks): Explore consumer behavior, project management, and digital marketing. Develop versatile skills to thrive in a multicultural environment within sales, marketing, and social media.

- Business & Administration Training (52 and 92 weeks): Study the roles and responsibilities of managers in corporate settings. Gain comprehensive knowledge of business management, including organization, analysis, HR, and leadership courses.

Host organization

Our school is accredited by the Canadian Government. Ranked among the top international schools, it attracts students from all over the world to study in Canada.
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This school provides English and professional training for young people in PVT or students wishing to do their gap year in Canada.

This training is done in close collaboration with the largest Canadian multinationals, and offers real opportunities on the job market.


Strong points

Diploma training and professional experience
Unlimited, easy-to-get year-round Co-op study permits
Multicultural English-speaking environment
Possible departure every 4-6 weeks

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