Study and work in immersion in Canada
Study and work in immersion in Canada

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Go and do your gap year in Canada, through this program which combines theoretical learning at university and practical learning during an internship. It is both cultural and professional immersion, giving you a first experience in the international labor market. This is an opportunity to study in Canada and live on the other side of the world for a few weeks, and enrich yourself personally and professionally! Canada is also very attractive for internationals, who are more competitive on the market to find an internship or a job.

Improve your English
Knowledge and degree in the chosen field
Autonomy and responsibility
International work experience




Intermediate English

Description of the program

Would you like to take a gap year in Canada to enrich your CV or discover this country? This one-year course is made for you!

6 months of courses alternating with a paid job + a guaranteed job for 6 months in Toronto or Vancouver. Cities that are not as French-speaking as Montreal or Quebec, and which therefore allow you to take a gap year in English.

Like all our programs combining gap year and work , this project to work in Canada offers theoretical training as well as practical experience within a local structure, to allow you to obtain a complete professional experience.

année de césure au canada

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Highlights of the gap year program in Canada

- Toronto and Vancouver are ranked among the most liveable cities in the world.

- Diploma training and professional experience in Canada.

- Unlimited and easy to obtain Co-op study permit all year round, no need for PVT.

- Multicultural and international English-speaking environment for your gap year in Canada

- Possible departure every 4-6 weeks.

This gap year in Canada is divided into two parts. During the first 6 months of work-study, the training focuses on customer relations, which will be studied through the study of practical cases with professionals from all sectors of activity. The training is spread over 20 hours per week, which leaves students time to work on the side.

At the end of the training, the school will organize interviews with local companies (shops, hotels, restaurants, services) so that the students can be placed on a 6-month full-time job (about 35 hours per week).

The program contains diploma and qualifying training courses recognized for working in Canada, all these courses qualify for the application for a study/work permit and the school issues a private higher education diploma recognized in Canada.

There are many advantages to coming to study and work in Canada! First of all, you do not need a Working Holiday Permit to participate in this program, which makes the process much easier. Such experience will ultimately allow you to be more competitive on the European market.

Doing your gap year in Canada by alternating studies and employment is a real advantage for your integration into the world of work after your studies, it is an aspect more and more sought after by students. The on-site team will help you find the right job for you during the program.

Training available in Toronto and Vancouver

- Service Excellence for Business training (26, 40 and 48 weeks): covers topics such as events, tourism, business, HR and customer relations in the Canadian market. Students learn how to create positive customer experiences across industries.

- Communication & Service Essentials (30 and 60 weeks): Through business English classes and professional conferences, students learn how to master communication tools in an international context and how to be part of a strong communication team.

- Sales & Marketing training (52, 54 and 92 weeks): the training covers consumer behavior, project management and digital marketing. Students will develop skills to work in a multicultural environment in sales, marketing and social media. Students learn to play a key role in a sales team or a marketing department.

- Business & Administration training (52 and 92 weeks): students will examine the roles and responsibilities of managers in a corporate environment. The program addresses all aspects of business management. This includes courses on organization, courses in analysis, HR and management.

- Health Care Administration (52 and 92 weeks): This course explores the roles and responsibilities of health care professionals. Students in their gap year in Canada will learn all aspects of healthcare and health services, including medical terminology, administrative procedures, finance and billing.

Host organization

Our school is accredited by the Canadian Government. Ranked among the top international schools, it attracts students from all over the world to study in Canada.
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This school provides English and professional training for young people in PVT or students wishing to do their gap year in Canada.

This training is done in close collaboration with the largest Canadian multinationals, and offers real opportunities on the job market.


Strong points

Diploma training and professional experience
Unlimited, easy-to-get year-round Co-op study permits
Multicultural English-speaking environment
Possible departure every 4-6 weeks